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About Peter Krull

Peter Krull is President and Founder of Krull & Company, a leading socially and environmentally responsible investment management firm. Founded in 2004, the firm focuses on helping clients align their investments with their values.

Peter Krull has always loved the outdoors. Growing up in Western New York, he spent summers hiking and exploring at his family?s rural property. As an adult, living in Southwest Virginia, he regularly hiked the Appalachian Trail and camped in the picturesque area. More recently, he had the opportunity to live on one of Georgia?s undeveloped barrier islands ? learning to appreciate its different ecosystem and coastal beauty.

During his successful career with Merrill Lynch, Peter met his wife, Melissa Booth, who was working as a professor and research scientist, studying how microbes function in the environment. He learned much about ecology, environmental awareness and our connection to the earth. He also found love!

About the same time, Peter had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with prominent green architect and philosopher, William McDonough, at his office in Charlottesville, VA. McDonough, the author of the book, Cradle to Cradle, and a major TED Conference speaker exemplified the potential for combining green and social values with a sound business strategy. With this holistic concept in mind,

Peter founded Krull & Company in 2004.

A graduate of Bethany College in West Virginia, Peter credits his undergraduate degree in communications for giving him a unique perspective when it comes to green and social issues, personal finance and the markets. ?My communications background has helped me develop the ability to see the big picture, which is important when you?re investing with your values and in a world where global markets are increasingly intertwined,? he says. ?It?s also a tremendous benefit when it comes to client interaction. I take great pride in the relationship I have with them ? it all starts with good communication.?

He is a staunch advocate for the environment and social issues and is a well-known figure in green business. His community involvement has ranged from being a founder of GreenDrinks Savannah to board memberships at the Science Museum of Southwest Virginia, The Center for a Sustainable Coast, and Hospice of the Golden Isles. He regularly gives talks on responsible investing, green living and motivation. Peter also writes a column for Valley Business Front in Virginia and has been featured in numerous magazines. He was selected as a 40-under-40 business leader by the Savannah Business Report & Journal in 2009.

Peter and Melissa?s home base is the beautiful city of Asheville, NC, where they enjoy shared interests in the outdoors, travel and photography.


Peter Krull is involved in his communities. In addition to serving as President & Founder of Krull & Company, he also makes time to serve on several non-profit boards and work with several others on a volunteer basis.

1st Vice Chair, Steering Committee

Western North Carolina Alliance
Environmental Non-Profit;
January 2012 - Present
WNCA is the premiere environmental non-profit in Western North Carolina

Advisory Board

NC Stage
October 2012 - Present
NC Stage is Asheville's professional theatre company




Bethany College, WV
Bachelor of Communication

Unique Services Offered by Peter

Peter specializes in providing the following services:
  • Why Choose Krull & Company
  • Krull & Company is a leading socially and environmentally responsible financial services firm. Since 2004, we have helped clients in making sound investments with companies that also make a positive difference in the world. We also work as active shareholders to make good companies better.

    You do not have to invest in the status quo. Our money managers do all the research to make certain that your portfolio is comprised of companies that follow bold environmental policy, practice corporate and political transparency and operate at the vanguard of gender equality and worker, civil and human rights.

    Investing with a clean company starts a ripple effect that begins with your dollars and can end in the creation of a wind farm in California, a cleaner river in China or greater opportunities for secondary education for young women in Africa.

    We can show you how easy it is to be a good steward of your financial future ? and the planet?s.

    Building a better investment firm. Naturally.

    At Krull & Company, our values shape the way we do business. That?s why we never lose sight of our environmental responsibility. We are a green business certified and an active member in the Green Chamber of the South.

    Many of our clients live far away. Meeting via phone, email and video-conferencing programs saves fuel and literally tons of carbon emissions. Our company cars are hybrids. We use Native Energy for carbon offsets. We practice the three R?s: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Even our web hosting is solar-powered.

    Further, we pledge to donate at least one percent of gross revenue to organizations that best reflect our hopes for the future. A member of the Social Investment Forum and signatory of the United Nations? Principles for Responsible Investing program, Krull & Company is a long time member of Green America.

    Contact Peter to learn more

  • Powering Postitive Investment: Socially & Environmentally Responsible Investing
  • Powering Positive Investment

    At Krull & Company, we take a systematic, disciplined approach to investment management. We are, first and foremost, fiduciaries of our client?s assets. We have a responsibility to create a well-rounded, diversified portfolio that matches our client?s needs.

    We use external investment managers to execute our investment strategy, so we must conduct due diligence on these firms managing our clients? assets. Our due diligence process for managers has been recognized by the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) program as a best practice in their 2010 Annual Report.

    The basic investment strategy for Socially & Environmentally Responsible investing is three-fold:

    1. Include the best in class companies and exclude the worst offenders based on

    Environmental track record & sustainability

    Corporate governance, business ethics & transparency

    Product safety

    Fair & safe workplace

    International human rights

    Community involvement

    2. Use our influence as shareholders to be advocates for better corporate policies in the companies that are neither the best nor worst. (We believe that this is the single-most important role that we play: being an agent for positive change.)

    3. We allocate at least 5 percent of each portfolio into community-based investments.

    Our investment managers are reviewed annually, and our investment models are reviewed quarterly to take advantage of any tactical changes that would be to our clients? advantage.

    *The only area in which we must stray from socially and environmentally responsible principles is in the alternative investment arena. We do analyze each fund carefully to find the best in class, but compromises must be made to fulfill our fiduciary role and create a well-rounded portfolio. We fully disclose these funds to clients. To date, there are no responsible mutual fund options for market neutral, long/short, commodities, etc. We believe this pragmatic view is in the client?s best interest financially, while we work to encourage investment managers to offer more alternative investment choices.

    Contact Peter to learn more

  • Our Core Values
  • Our Core Values

    Growing your investments is our goal.

    But doing the right thing is our mission.

    Since our founding, we have operated with these guiding values and sought to integrate them into our daily lives.


    Integrity is vital for all other values. We believe in doing what is right, no matter the consequences. Our honesty is our strength.


    We care deeply about what we do. Making a difference in the lives of our clients and in the world drives us constantly.


    We believe that an awareness of ourselves, our clients, our impact and our place in the world makes us better in many ways.


    We are leaders in our communities and in the responsible investing industry, and work to facilitate a better world through communication and involvement.


    Creativity helps us to see both the whole picture and the details. We come up with visionary solutions, neither dogmatic nor conventional, but ultimately effective.

    Contact Peter to learn more


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Krull & Company
P.O. Box 19825
Asheville, NC 28815

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1 Industry veteran Bob Veres, Boulevard to the Future, Inside Information, February 2009